AI Sires

Below are bucks at other ranches that Four Canyons has acquired semen from and is utilizing in our AI breeding program.  Using both laproscopic and regular insemination, Four Canyons has produced over 1000 AI fawns to date from these various AI Sires below.  Four Canyons is in its 17th year of implementing artificial insemenation within our program.


Four Canyons has every one of the AI Sires shown below in its inventory.  If you are interested in acquiring any semen from the AI Sires below or any of the Herd Sires, call or email us for prices. 

AI Sire - Wilderness W0079
Wilderness W0079
AI Sire - Wilderness Sudden Impact
Wilderness Sudden Impact
AI Sire - Wilderness Poncho
Wilderness Poncho
AI Sire - Wilderness Lucky
Wilderness Lucky
AI Sire - Wilderness Heavy
Wilderness Heavy
AI Sire - Wilderness Harry
Wilderness Harry
AI Sire - Wilderness Green 36
Wilderness Green 36
AI Sire - Wilderness Bucky
Wilderness Bucky
AI Sire - Wilderness Bo
Wilderness Bo
AI Sire - Wilderness Big Guy
Wilderness Big Guy
AI Sire - Wilderness Bart
Wilderness Bart
AI Sire - The Judge
The Judge
AI Sire - Redoy Weatherby
Redoy Weatherby
AI Sire - Redoy Ruger
Redoy Ruger
AI Sire - Redoy Ron
Redoy Ron
AI Sire - Redoy Remington
Redoy Remington
AI Sire - Redoy Marlin
Redoy Marlin
AI Sire - Redoy Magnum
Redoy Magnum
AI Sire - Redoy Jordan
Redoy Jordan
AI Sire - Redoy Hoover
Redoy Hoover
AI Sire - Redoy Hightops
Redoy Hightops
AI Sire - Redoy Bill
Redoy Bill
AI Sire - Redoy Bert
Redoy Bert
AI Sire - Maxbo
374 @ 6
AI Sire - Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper
AI Sire - High Roller
High Roller
AI Sire - Gladiator's Hammer
Gladiator's Hammer
AI Sire - Gladiator
AI Sire - BB Peanut
BB Peanut
AI Sire - 30-30